Tom is a Councillor in Fareham East and won his seat off the Liberal Democrats, who had held it for 18 years, with a 13.2% swing.

He believes he's young enough to have the drive to deliver change and bring new ideas with enthusiasm, and his 12 years in politics means he's got the experience to make it happen.

Tom read Accounting at Cambridge University and works as a Chartered Accountant at a tax practice for his day job and feels his proficiency with numbers and people would be an asset to the CCA.

He has spent many days reading campaigning books, marketing books and finding out what works. He wants to use this knowledge to further complement the CCA guides, grants and schemes to deliver further electoral success for the party.


Geoff is a Councillor in Fareham South Ward, having been a Councillor since 2012 and the Mayor of Fareham in 2017/18 he believes he understand what Councillors want.

Geoff has an extensive network of Councillor friends and acquaintances and will be drawing feedback from all of them to ensure the Joint Ticket does the best job it can. 

He welcomes further feedback and encourages any Councillor that hasn't yet completed the survey to do so.

Geoff is concerned about the mental health of Councillors during these testing times and in the age of social media and will be spearheading change to get better support.

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