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Dear Councillors & Friends,

Councillors are the backbone of the Conservative Party, yet our views aren't always well represented by the party. We need to change that. That's why we're standing to be Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Councillors Association.

Councillors are the backbone of the Conservative Party. We must have a seat at the table. 

This isn't just rhetoric, as you can see the party with the most Councillors at a General Election usually wins:

As such we are of upmost importance to the Conservative Party as a whole, we are its beating heart, we are always at ground zero getting feedback from residents and we are the front line when it comes to campaigning for the party.

That's why we're so important. Yet despite having some of the best experience and knowledge our members don't always feel like we're listened to.

Which brings us on to being heard. Every politician standing for election claims to listen, but we will prove it. We won't be driving forward an agenda, we want to know what you think. 

Please fill out our survey here and let us know your priorities and the issues for your area:

We're going to base our campaign around what you want us to do. The CCA Chairman is fortunate to have a seat on the party board and we pledge to represent the views of our members. 

We need a strong voice on the party board to be listened to and to become more influential as a group. 

Tom was lucky enough to benefit from a CCA grant when campaigning, they can be immensely useful to any candidate in a target seat and we will prioritise more support and assistance for existing Councillors and new candidates. 

Expanding the various schemes the CCA offers so that all Councillors and candidates feel like they can win or retain their seat is vital. For you, for us as an association and for the party as a whole. Everyone benefits.

We want to be seen and to be active as CCA Chairman & Deputy Chairman and we want Councillors to feel they can drop us a message as needed. Being visible is vital and we want to assure you that we will always be there when you need us. 


More assistance for existing Councillors and new Candidates to help the party win seats. This holistic approach benefits the party as a whole. We would seek to do this with support from CCHQ and the expansion of grant schemes and training.


Better support for the wellbeing of Councillors. Sadly many Councillors are now subject to regular abusive behaviour from a minority of residents. Combined with the extra workload from Covid adds a lot of stress to the lives of Councillors. 


An input driven agenda for the term. We pledge to you that we will be using our survey results to shape our priorities for our term of office should you be kind enough to elect us. We will always seek to represent the voices of our Councillors at the highest levels.

As Councillors we have a duty to serve, and we do so with great humility - for many of us becoming a Councillor has been one of the greatest accomplishments and privileges of our lives. While the majority of residents reciprocate the kindness we show them it's a sad fact of life that more and more people do not treat us in a respectable manner. 

Such is the rise of the social media age that sadly many of us now have had to deal with harassment and aggression from a minority of residents, especially online. 

This has been a tough year for everyone and the demands of residents have increased for many Councillors. So as well as dealing with a less than pleasant atmosphere at times our Councillors now have to contend with increased stress levels.

We will engage with as many agencies as possible to ensure Councillor wellbeing. We want Councillors to feel good, to feel confident and to feel like we're making a difference without fear of abuse. 

As such we'll be calling for a CCA helpline that Councillors will be able to call, day or night, to assist with difficult residents or issues and help assist our Councillors through tough times. 

The hatred which we see on social media has shocking consequences for some, including suicide. This has to stop and we will push for a working group on the issues of mental health and action the findings of that group. 

We will work tirelessly on every issue that we face. However it's important to let us know what your priorities and issues are so that we can help you and do something about it. So if you have't already filled it out please find our Councillor survey below. 

We're going to base our campaign around what you want us to do so it's really important to us that you spend two minutes on our survey. The CCA Chairman is fortunate to have a seat on the party board and we pledge to represent the views of our members. 

If you have any comments or queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Councillor Tom Davies                          Councillor Geoff Fazackarley

CCA Chairman Candidate                    CCA Deputy Chairman Candidate

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